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The appeal of Peyote: An Inquiry into the fundamental stipulations for the Diffusion of the Peyote faith in North the United States (Stockholm reports in Comparative faith , No 33)

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The Mescalero Apache lacked Christian elements, indeed, their acceptance of Peyote resulted, according to Morris Opler, in an intensification of their Native religious values. See Opler 1936. 70 Cf. Hultkrantz 1977 a, pp. 412 ff. 71 Hultkrantz, ibidem. 72 Petrullo 1934, p. 45, Thurman 1973. Thurman insists that "Catholicism, the Ghost Dance, and peyotism seem to have blended into a unique religious complex among the Caddos" (Thurman op. , p. 283). Cf. also below, Ch. IV:10. 73 Cf. La Barre 1975 b, pp.

17, 133 with n. 14. 14 Ruecking 1954, Newcomb 1961, pp. 53 ff 15 On the round dance as an annual thanksgiving ceremony, see Hultkrantz 1981 a, pp. 271 ff. 16 Cf. Opler 1938, Stewart 1974, pp. 214, 216. Stewart did not believe that the Mescalero played a major role in the spread of Peyotism (Stewart 1974, pp. 218 f. ). Indeed, a Mescalero origin legend attributes the beginning of the Peyote religion to the Lipan Apache, see Opler 1945. 17 Cf. La Barre 1975 b, p. 54. La Barre possibly assigns a more important role to the Mescalero Apache than they have had.

43- First of all, the Peyote religion seeks in its ethics to achieve a good life for the Indian both in this world and in the world after death. Its main goal is to establish man's harmony with his fellow-men and God, and it will promote man's general wellbeing, deliverance from diseases, and protection in times of stress and need (for instance, in wartime). 3 The feelings of satisfaction and brotherhood, and the blessings granted by Peyote are proofs of the fulfilment of this religion. Peyote adherents are supposed to "follow the Peyote road" which is graphically symbolized on the earth altar during the ceremonial session.

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