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By Theoni Pappas

This trip around the spectrum of human actions takes an artistic examine the function arithmetic has performed due to the fact prehistoric instances. From its many makes use of in medication and its visual appeal in paintings to its styles in nature and its critical position within the improvement of pcs, arithmetic is gifted in a fun-to-read, nonthreatening manner.

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1 A Pythagprean triplet is a set of 3 positive numbers, a,b, and c, which satisfy the equation a2+b2=c 2. For example, 5, 12, and 13 work, and a triangle with sides the length of these three numbers is a right triangle. L. van der Waerden) 3 Evidence of this theorem dates back to the Babylonians of Hammurabi’s time, over 1000 years before Pythagoras.

SRGH. New York. 1997. shape of an orange, the formations of crystals. Looking more closely and from a non-Euclidean perspective, we see shapes that were never described by Euclid which are a dominant part in the things around us. Most architectural designs, especially before the 20th century, relied heavily on Euclidean forms as models. Today, designs have broken away from that mold, and embrace some of the forms and ideas of non-Euclidean geometry. New materials, building techniques and technologies allow the architect to realize structures hitherto only imagined.

Just knowing that one might be engulfed by an invisible world, a world with so many more facets than ours, it is no wonder the quest for a glimpse of it has attracted a diverse group of people. G. J. Thompson, Dostoyesvsky, Edward Abbott, Diego Rivera, and many others. 1 Euclid’s 5th postulate, the Parallel postulate states: Through any point not on a given line there is only one line parallel to the given line. 2 Riemann’s parallel postulate states: Through any point not on a given line there are no lines which can be drawn parallel to a given line.

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