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By Ralf Dahrendorf

The essays assembled during this quantity are a considerate and full of life observation on Europe after the revolution of 1989. needs to revolutions fail? definitely, the open society has its personal difficulties, now not least that of electorate looking for that means. the great Society has to sq. the circle of prosperity, civility and liberty. Social technological know-how might help us comprehend what should be performed, and intellectuals have a accountability to begin and accompany swap. All this increases questions for Europe which expand a ways past the all too slim confines of the ecu Union.

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The Good Society 4 The Good Society First 1949 Seminar Memorial Lecture, delivered at the London School of Economics and Political Science on 19 November 1992 Utopia expired in the final weeks of the memorable year, 1989. She had been poorly for some time, and few attempts were made to save her life. On the contrary, a sense of good riddance spread from libraries stocked with 'The Open Society and Its Enemies' and 'The God that Failed' to the Round Tables and then the streets of Warsaw and Budapest, Leipzig and Prague.

For this approach: Investigate! Educate! Planify! There are social problems. The first task is to study them thoroughly. The facts brought up by such investigations speak for themselves. They must, of course, be disseminated. The general public needs to be prepared for change, and even more importantly, experts need to be trained as agents of change. Such change is the responsibility of governments. The 37 38 After 1989 solution of social problems requires a concerted effort of men and women of know ledge and good will to create a machinery of improvement, including income transfers, public services, offices of planning and systems of implementation.

This has to be invoked to protect people not only from arbitrary dominion but also from vested interests, from cartels, and from distortions of the market by private power. In a key section of the chapter on 'The Agenda of Liberalism' Lippman surveys 'The Field of Reform'. Here he speaks of the importance of small businesses, the need for the conservation of land, of social insurance and other such matters. The thrust of all this is to tum the Great Society in Graham Wallas' s sense, that is the interdependent world society based on the modern division oflabour, into a - and perhaps, the - Good Society.

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