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By Jacob Neusner

Placing himself in the context of the Gospel of Matthew, Neusner imagines himself in a discussion with Jesus of Nazareth and will pay him the ultimate Judaic gesture of admire: creating a reference to him via a decent debate concerning the nature of God's One fact. Neusner explains why the Sermon at the Mount do not have confident him to persist with Jesus and why, via the criterion of the Torah of Moses, he may have persisted to persist with the lessons of Moses. He explores the explanations Christians think in Jesus Christ and the dominion of Heaven, whereas Jews proceed to think within the Torah of Moses and a nation of monks and holy humans on the earth. This revised and elevated variation, with a foreword via Donald Akenson, creates a considerate and obtainable context for dialogue of the main primary query of why Christians and Jews think what they believe.

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Hearing twenty centuries of nay-saying, Christians naturally saw Jesus' own people, Israel, as stubborn and merely negative. But if the negative contains a powerful affirmation, as it does, still, there is more to Judaism in its meeting with Christianity than a mere no. There is a no, because ... And in that "because" dwells a mighty debate between us both. So in these pages I propose to show how Israel, the people of God, would appear if a reasoned argument between things Jesus taught and teachings of the Torah could be conceived.

Matt 5:43-4,48) We have to distinguish the substance of what Jesus is saying from the form that he gives to his statements. The message justifies my confidence but, of course, leaves me more puzzled than ever about what can be controversial in what are wise and deep readings of Torah-statements: a torah - the teaching of a master that finds a comfortable place in the Torah - the revelation of God to Moses at Mount Sinai, a revelation that makes a place for the teaching of acknowledged sages through all of time.

200). That Talmud is simply one long argument, or rather, it is notes on how today we can reconstruct the argument they had 29 A R A B B I TALKS WITH J E S U S long ago. And from the time that that Talmud reached final form, everyone who studied the writing not only listened to the argument but tried to participate. The religious life of the Torah - that is, of Judaism - therefore takes the form of a long, long argument about this and that. Other people spend long hours reciting Psalms or saying prayers, and many Jews do that too.

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