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By Byrd J.

This instructional contains fourteen sections, each one of which addresses a basic element of UNIX computing. It concentrates on illustrating the relevant recommendations via supplying brief causes, besides examples, and workouts.

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The default shell for your account is stored in the system database /etc/passwd, along with the other information about your account. To change your default shell, use the chsh command The chsh command requires one argument, the name of the shell you want as your default. To change tour default shell to the C shell, you could enter the command chsh /bin/csh On ISU's HP-UX system, the available shells are /bin/sh, /bin/posix/sh, and /bin/csh. The default shell for accounts is /bin/posix/sh, which is, for all practical purposes, the same as ksh.

It is often possible to partition a single disk drive into more than one logical storage area. This section describes how the Unix operating system deals with a raw storage device like a disk drive, and how it manages to make organized use of the space. How the Unix file system works Every item in a Unix file system can be defined as belonging to one of four possible types: Ordinary files Ordinary files can contain text, data, or program information. An ordinary file cannot contain another file, or directory.

Customizing with user login scripts The remainder of this section describes some of the ways you can initialize ksh, by presenting the default user login scripts provided to users of ISU's CWIS machine. The scripts have been annotated with descriptions of the purpose of each set of commands. shrc in every subshell. shrc";export ENV #****************************************************************************** # Leave a sign of last login in user's home directory # Remove this line if you don't want such records left.

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