New PDF release: 5 Steps to Healthy Nutrition

By Anjali Arora

"How fit is your nutrition? have you learnt what kind of nutrients you will have at your age?

Get acquainted with the meals you devour and know about a balanced diet.

The key to solid food is a different nutrition that comes with the appropriate stability. This publication presents valuable suggestions on tips to plan a nutritious diet, with the appropriate stability of carbohydrates, fat, proteins, minerals and supplementations.

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New PDF release: 5 Steps to Healthy Nutrition

"How fit is your vitamin? have you learnt what kind of nutrition you will have at your age? Get acquainted with the meals you consume and find out about a balanced vitamin. the most important to strong meals is a various vitamin that comes with the appropriate stability. This e-book offers important suggestions on find out how to plan a nutritious diet, with the ideal stability of carbohydrates, fat, proteins, minerals and supplementations.

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They are also high in fibre. Tinned fruits or juices should be natural and not with added sweeteners. Complex Carbohydrates Starches are the complex carbohydrates. Most of our “eating starches” are consumed in the form of cereal grains, potatoes, beans, peas and other vegetables. Fibre The complex carbohydrates group also consists of roughage called “fibre”. Insoluble fibres They are important for normal bowel functioning. They help in relieving constipation and also lower cholesterol. Sources Cereal husk, Esabgol (Psyllium husk), vegetables with skin like potatoes, whole grain cereals, whole wheat bread, brown rice, etc.

Monounsaturated Fatty Acids (MUFA) Monounsaturated fatty acids are in high percentage in olive, mustard, canola and groundnut oil. These oils also contain a good percentage of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA). MUFA helps in lowering LDL-cholesterol (bad cholesterol) and increasing the HDL-cholesterol (good cholesterol). Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids (PUFA) Polyunsaturated fatty acids are found in a good percentage in canola, mustard, soya bean, sunflower and corn oil. They are found mainly in vegetable oils.

A Few Lines on... Gout Gout is a disease which is caused by low enzymatic levels of purine metabolism or high levels of uric acid product. e. purine nucleic acids). High levels of uric acid can cause formation of crystals in the joints and cartilage of the body. Reducing the amount of purines in protein helps in the reduction of uric acid. Kidney (Oxalate) Stones Oxalic acid in the course of being processed in the body combines with the salts like calcium to form salts of calcium oxalates. It can precipitate in crystalline form as stones in the kidney.

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